The Handmaid’s Tale pt 4

When I finished this book, I never imagined this world of Gilead could ever get so bad. Atwood shows how the people can say they are Christians, but they are changing up the words in the Bible to make it seem what they are doing is legal. This book shows how cruel people can be […]

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The Handmaid’s Tale pt 3

Chapter 22 While the women were coming back from the birth, Offred remembers how Moira escaped. Moira caused the toilet to over flow and while Aunt Elizabeth was trying to fix it, Moira stabbed a metal object into her ribs and threatening her to go into the furnace room. She exchanged clothes with Aunt Elizabeth since […]

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The Handmaids tale pt 2

Chapter 10 The chapter begins to tell us that during this time period certain music is forbidden in Gilead. Now at this time in the book we know the role play of the “Handmaids” The “Handmaids” are used to bear their children to the Commanders. Aunt Linda tells the girls about the how harsh women […]

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“The Handmaid’s Tale”

Welcome to my blog on “The Handmaid’s Tale.” I will be discussing my thoughts and opinions about the book. I am super excited to read this book to understand why women are treated the way they are. INTRODUCTION The author Margaret Atwood began writing “The Handmaids Tale” in 1984 using the narrator, Offred which is […]

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